Designing for Wearables

If you haven’t yet heard about Android’s venture into wearable computing, this selection of concepts dreamed up by designers for the smart watch UI should get you interested. Check out a sample of them below, or see them all at the following link: Designer Concepts on UIs for the New Android Moto 360 Watch


Smartwatch concept


Dark web design

Though recent web design trends have leaned more towards white space and away from all dark websites, when it’s done right it can truly stand out. Check out these 11 Inspiring Examples of Dark Colours in Web Design


Designing for Emotion

When your design brief is more focused on keywords and calls-to-action than anything else, it may be hard to put a lot of emotion into the project. This article from Web Designer Depot emphasizes the importance of designing for emotion: How to build irresistible websites by designing for emotion


HandMade Fonts


Fonts made of bacon, eggs, onions and chopped meat may sound like something that belongs on a diner menu, but HandMadeFont also offer up typography made from finger paint, reeds, leaves and other items. Check out more of them in this Gallery of Handmade Non-Traditional Fonts.