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Font : NS-Jude

ns jude font

NS-Jude is a heavy typeface suitable for headlines, posters, and logos.It features a bold and elitist look.NS-Jude has over 150 glyphs including special characters and supports multiple languages.It is free for commercial and personal use. Download.


Font : Supply Mono

mono font

Supply Mono is a solid and versatile monospace typeface that was inspired by industrial design and architecture. Its precise curves and sharp angles makes this new font one for every designer’s toolbox. Download.


Font : Ossem


This is the winning design of a design competition. Except the regular version from Kiril, This typeface includes Rounded, Rough and Rust version. The four styles family comes with Cyrillic and Extended Latin support – 372 glyphs for each style. Download.


Responsive WordPress Blog Theme : Salty

salty wordpress theme

The combination of minimalistic design and optimized code resulted in an exceptionally pleasant theme. It’s perfect for bloggers who seek for a light and smooth look for their fancy blog. Salty requires no plugins to work. Download.

20 Amazing Free Headline Fonts You Must Use In 2017

header font

This list includes 20 bold free headline fonts. To download the font you need to go to the primary source, so make sure to read a licence of the font before using it. Check them out.


Google’s Material Design UI Components

material components

Google has just launched a new project called Material Components, a set of modular and customizable UI components for creating iOS, Android, and Web apps. Download.


380 Free Flat Style Icons From Smashicons


This icon package contains 380 Essential Icons in Flat style. Each icon is provided in .sketch and .ai formats. Download.


Website template for travel agencies : Fusion

fusion travel agency template

Fusion is a free PSD website template ideal for travel agencies needing a landing page for promotion. It is basically a one page made of sections that you’re free to rearrange and customise at your own pleasure. Clean but professional at the same time, it’s definitely worth a look! Download.


UX Design Process: Is There Really One?

ux design process

A UX design process is something that everyone has in the UX industry, but something that everyone does differently. While the majority may maintain the same flow and general process, it is the principles that are executed within the process that are done so differently.

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The Illusion of Modal Window Newsletter Forms

modal newsletter signup

Ever visit a site and had a modal window newsletter form pop up in your face? Of course you have, they’re all over the web today. There’s a reason why many sites use them. But there are reasons why many sites should reconsider.

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Finding Common Ground Between Designers and Developers

designers developers

Design and development are two different states of mind. To get a project out the door, however, they must overlap. Both designers and developers have key differences — and understanding these differences is the first step to bridging the gap between worlds.

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Cards vs. lists, how they impact UX


Two of the most common ways to organize website content these days is by using cards and lists. Each has its own pros and cons.

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7 key attributes of a quality UI


User interface design is a hot topic these days and for good reason. In a world where digital experiences are such a large part of our lives, the value of a quality user experience is higher than ever.

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The 19 Best-Designed App Landing Pages

app landing page

Almost all mobile app developers have a website that describes what their app can do. Some of these websites are beautiful and unique. While some websites use photography as a background, others use typography, color gradients or even video backgrounds to leave their visitors speechless.

Check out The 19 Best-Designed App Landing Pages


The 19 Best and Worst Logo Redesigns of 2016


A well-established logo makes it easy for people to find what they’re looking for, and this level of recognition also typically makes consumers feel more comfortable with the product or brand in question. Despite this, some popular businesses made the decision to redesign their logo in 2016.

Check out The 19 Best and Worst Logo Redesigns of 2016


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