In this post, we explore why you ought to invest during a digital strategy roadmap.

Today, we are wrapping up our blog series “Digital Strategy Roadmaps: A Step-by-Step Approach to Success” with Simone Abel. within the final post of the series, Simone talks about why you ought to get a digital strategy roadmap, and the way it can increase your ROI.

Why Bother?

A digital strategy roadmap may be a cohesive planning document that joins digital transformation projects and initiatives to short and long-term goals pragmatically.

Digital strategy roadmaps benefit your organization because they:

  • Help communicate a digital transformation product or service strategy that supports a group of business and end-user objectives
  • Clarify differences between current and future state
  • Establish a high-level order of execution, priority, and sequence with a possible timeline to undertake the work
  • Provide how to realize executive buy-in on technology projects before a line of code is written or software is purchased

Together, these combined benefits reduce digital project risk and increase ROI.

Digital strategy roadmapping is all about proper planning, and mitigating risk against bad (rushed) technology decisions. it is also about getting buy-in from executive stakeholders and ensuring there’s alignment to broader organizational strategic goals and plans. Who benefits ultimately? Your end-users – whether or not they be your staff or customers – and therefore the business itself – through increased operational efficiency and/or data optimization.


Final Thoughts

The roadmap is the outcome of an important planning exercise that helps key stakeholders in your business understand what the prevailing process, systems and services are, what the longer term might be , and the way to urge there.

A digital strategy roadmap, combined with research, visualizations and performance goals, may be a powerful thanks to tell the story of digital transformation. Beyond keeping everyone within the team aligned, the vision-objective keeps different teams with competing agendas occupation an equivalent direction.

Given how quickly the requirements of your customers and business will change, it’s important to revisit your digital strategy roadmap continuously. In future articles, we decide to share more on related topics such as:

  • The Discovery Process
  • Audits & Expert Reviews
  • Gathering Objectives
  • Prioritization Methods
  • Technology Procurement
  • Continuous Improvement / Optimization

Happy Roadmapping!