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Every week we collect some of the best web and digital design resources that will be useful for designers. This week features wireframing tools, free fonts and icons, and some inspiration from other designers and usability experts.

Check out any of the links below and leave any comments about your favourites in the replies.

4 Digital Wireframing Weapons

Whether you’re just getting started with web design, or are a seasoned veteran with years of wireframing under your belt, this collection of “digital wireframing weapons” will give you some insight into tools that can be used to launch your vision onto the web.

Check out 4 Digital Wireframing Weapons

Awesome free extension Griddify solves the grid issue in PhotoShop

griddifyDo you have trouble keeping your design elements within your grid when designing in PhotoShop? Then this free extension called Griddify is for you. The tool has three different features, Griddify, Divide and Wrap:

The Griddify option will create a grid of guides. The Divide option is excellent for laying out responsive sites, as it splits the selected area into the specified number of sections. Finally, the Wrap option adds guides to the edge of your selection, it will even offset the guides if you enter a number other than 0.

Check out Griddify

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7 Free Fonts Perfect for Minimalistic Design

If you’re looking to embrace minimalistic design on your next project, try incorporating one of these 7 free fonts into your layouts.

Check out the free minimalistic fonts

50 E-Commerce Icons in Flat and Long Tailed Shadow Style

Your next e-commerce design will benefit from some new iconography. This free set of 50 icons were created with the recent trend of flat design and long-tailed shadows in mind.

Download the free set at onextrapixel

Free Download: 220 Line Icons in PSD Format

free line icons

It never hurts to have a few more icons in your arsenal to diversify your style. This set in particular seems like it would be a great fit when designing for iOS apps.

Check out this collection of 220 royalty free icons that you can download for free

11 Inspiring Minimalistic Web Designs

To go along with the previous set of minimalist fonts to use on your next design, check out these 11 examples of inspiring minimalistic web designs, collected by Web Design Ledger.

View 11 Inspiring Minimalistic Web Designs

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Usability Tip: Where to Place Icons Next to Button Labels

icon placement buttonsWhen designing for the web, you should always be thinking about the usability of the end product. In many cases, especially when designing forms or buttons, designers choose style over function. This article from UX Movement advises on the best place to locate icons next to button labels to improve a user’s ability to scan and find the information they are looking for.

Learn more about where to place icons next to button labels