Every week we collect some of the best web and digital design resources that will be useful for designers. This week features an iPhone wireframing toolkit, free backgrounds and vector icons, and some inspiration from other designers and usability experts.

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Responsive Vector Device Mockups

vector devices

When you’ve finished your latest responsive design, want some beautiful mock-ups to show it off with. This pack of responsive vector device mockups has a number of options for desktop computers, laptops and smartphones.

Check out the responsive device mockups


40 Blurred Backgrounds

blurred background

Sometimes what your design needs is a blurry background to make the focal point pop. Check out this collection of 40 blurred backgrounds that won’t distract from your next web design.


[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]


100 Smart Devices Icons

smart device icons

Don’t scramble next time you need to find up-to-date icons for mobile devices, desktop computers, or even game consoles. This collection of 100 smart device icons is good to keep on hand.

Download 100 Smart Device Icons


Free iPhone Vector Wireframing Toolkit

iphone wireframing toolkit

This Illustrator (.ai) file will come in handy next time you’re working on wireframes for a mobile app or mobile website.

Download iPhone vector wireframing toolkit


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The ultimate guide to email design

email design

Despite the massive shift to mobile, a lot of email marketing is still formatted only for desktop. Check out this article to brush up on your email design skills and make sure your next email gets proper attention in recipients inboxes.

Web Designer Depot’s Ultimate Guide to Email Design


Why Every Terms of Service Page Needs Summaries

terms of service summaries

Be honest – have you ever read a terms of service agreement for an app or website? Probably not. This article explains why including brief summaries for sections of website terms of service make sense, and improve a user’s experience.

UX Movement’s Why every terms of service page needs summaries 


20 Creative Web Designers Worth Following on Google+

Google+ web designers

If you’re not already using Google+, now is a good time to start – and to get your network going with the right people, here are 20 creative web designers you should follow.