Every week we collect some of the best web and digital design resources that will be useful for designers. This week features free multi-language fonts, icon sets, design trends you can use in your next project, and some tips on best practices when designing for the web and mobile.

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Google Releases Noto Fonts for Free

noto multi-lingual font

Google has made its own font, Noto, available for free use. This font is particularly good to use when designing for sites that may use many different languages, as Noto’s aim is to support all of the world languages. According to Google, “Its design goal is to achieve visual harmonization across languages.”

Download Noto fonts here: google.com/get/noto

Flat Apple Devices (PSD)

flat apple devices

What better to mock your flat design concepts up on than a flat device? This PSD includes flattened versions of Apple’s iMac, MacBook, iPhones and iPads.

Download the PSD from Behance


20+ Fresh and Free Icon Sets for Web Designers

icon set

This collection of over 20 icons from Web Design Ledger will give you something new to try with your next design.

Check out the fonts

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How Hamburger Menus Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

hamburger menu conversion rate

The “Hamburger” menu has been catching a lot of flak lately, with many arguing that it’s only been adopted for wide use because, well, “Facebook did it first”.

This article takes a closer look at the hamburger button and how it can be put to use effectively to increase conversion rates.

See the article at UX Movement.



14 motion design trends for web and mobile interfaces

animated website

Thanks to the introduction of interactive mobile apps, these days, a static website is a boring website. By throwing a few well-placed animated elements into your design, you can provide your visitors with an even greater user experience.

Check out these 14 popular motion design trends for web and mobile

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