Every week we collect some of the best web and digital design resources that will be useful for designers. This week features a free PSD mock-up, icons and fonts, an instructional guides to the modern favicon, and some inspiration for your future mobile and web designs.

Check out any of the links below and leave any comments about your favourites in the replies.


Samsung Galaxy S5 PSD MockUp

Samsung Galaxy S5

Next time you need to mock-up your design on an Android device, use this Samsung Galaxy S5 PSD mock-up.

Download the PSD


40 Food Icons

food icons

This collection of food-themed icons will be perfect for the next eatery design you have to produce.

Download the food icons



Check out any of these 4 free fonts:


Hanken Rounded

hanken rounded

Hanken Rounded is a simple, rounded free sans-serif font  created for the guys at Hanken Design Co. Designed by Alfredo Marco Pradil.

Download Hanken Rounded




S-ARIAL is a free font created “slabbing” Arial font and available in TrueType format. Designed by Zoltán Zeman.

Download S-Arial 


[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]




Azedo is a free uppercase font featured by regular shapes, provided in light and bold weights. Designed and released by Pedro Azedo.

Download Azed


Hans Kendrick Regular

hans kendrick

Hans Kendrick 3.0 is a geometric grotesque typeface in regular and bold weights. Regular weight is free to download. Designed by Alfredo Marco Pradil.

Download Hans Kendrick Regular



Favicons, Touch Icons, Tile Icons, etc. What All Do You Need?


It used to be that a website just needed a plain favicon to appear alongside the URL in the navigation bar, but with the rise of mobile devices, app home screens, and modern browsers, favicons have evolved. Before you launch a website, you should consider exactly what type of favicon is needed foe each of the spots it will appear in. This article explains what to consider, and how to prep the icon for it.

Read the full (highly recommended) article


[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]



20 Examples of Fullscreen Responsive Menus

full screen menu

When a fullscreen menu is implemented properly on a responsive design, it can make the entire browsing experience much more fluid. Specky Boy has collected 20 examples of websites that pull the approach off nicely.

View the examples of fullscreen responsive menus


Making a Case for Animations and Interactivity

According to UX Magazine,

…spending the extra time on the right animations, for the right reasons, can increase usability, help define your brand’s personality, and create delight.

Path animation

Take a look at their in-depth examination of how animation can improve the usability of digital experiences, though with a strong focus on mobile.

Making a Case for Animations and Interactivity


A Twitter Card That Does Something

Twitter has introduced new capability into its “Cards” system, that lets users carry out multi-stage processes directly from within the app. In the latest example, users can configure a car and its accessories from automaker Acura.

2015 acura twitter campaign

Could this new functionality eventually eliminate the need for campaign micro sites? Possibly.

See more at Subtraction.com