Every week we collect some of the best web and digital design resources that will be useful for designers. This week we have a double-sized feature, including fonts and icons, tips for best practices when designing UI, and some helpful inspiration to guide your future designs.

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Katahdin Round

katahdin round free

Designed by Tyler Finck. Download font.




Designed by ianmikraz studio. Download font.




Designed by Andreas Larsen. Download font.





Download icons.


Organic Food Icon Set

organic food icons

Designed by Wojciech Zasina. Download icons.



A Minimal and Customizable Contact Form

A minimal and customizable snippet to throw a semantic form into your web projects on the fly.

customizable contact forms

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Digital Painting 101: Using Texture Brushes in Adobe Photoshop

Today we’re going over the great mystery of painting with texture brushes in Adobe Photoshop. How do they work? And is there truly a difference between texture brushes and standard ones? The difference is pretty obvious.

texture brush apples

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The UX And UI Tools That You Need And Should Use

ui kit

As new UX and UI tools come on the market, many of them have new and improved features that can make your design efforts faster, easier, and with more satisfying results.

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[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]



4 Ways To Design Better Login Screens


Nothing’s more frustrating than a badly designed login screen. Here are some lessons from a login screen done right. The login form doesn’t immediately come to mind as something that needs better design standards.

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Is it time to embrace responsive branding?

Responsive Coke Collapsed

Consistency, we’re taught, is the hallmark of quality. Whether it’s in copywriting or color, layout or lettering, consistency feels deliberate and reinforces ideas. Nowhere is this more true than for branding, where the visual identity of a company is often treated as sacrosanct.

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How One Button Can Speed Up Your ‘Forgot Password’ Flow

forgot password

No matter who you are, forgetting a password sometimes happens. That’s why most login forms offer a ‘Forgot Password’ link to reset the password. But the user flow of resetting a forgotten password isn’t as fast and helpful as it could be.

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Infographic: Sketch vs Photoshop

Sketch 3 and Photoshop CC, two of the most popular applications for web design in 2015. Photoshop is the reliable old champ, but Sketch is the bright young challenger. Ever wondered which of these two giants of web design packs the biggest punch? Of course you have!

Check out the infographic below (via)

sketch vs photoshop infographic