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Designed by Cyril Mikhailov. Download the font.



anders free font

Designed by Mr. Alex White. Download the font.


Absolute Best Tools for Crafting Web Typography

web font

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How White Space Can Transform Your Adobe InDesign Layouts

white space in design

This post takes a look at how incorporating more white space into your InDesign layouts can make a huge difference to your work, taking your designs from crowded and fussy to streamlined and polished in an instant.

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4 simple ways to design killer call to action buttons

twining call to action

Call to action buttons that are easy to see and understand will make a huge difference to your client’s conversion rates. When designing these buttons, it’s imperative to consider a wide range of factors.

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10 Methods for Optimizing Your Forms for Mobile Devices

mobile forms

Listed in this article are 10 ways you can speed up the performance of your customers’s mobile transactions, make their online shopping experience satisfactory.

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6 Worst Landing Page Optimization Techniques To Avoid

landing page optimization

The landing page holds the key to convert your website visitor to a customer. Depending on the objective of your site, this conversion ranges from a visitor filling out a subscription form to buying a product.

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Using Psychology to Become a Better Web Designer

psychology of colour

Human behavior is influenced by a large number of factors, from the presence of others to the color of shirt they’re wearing that day. One thing that will make you a better web designer is understanding what makes people tick — or click.

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Free Ebook: Web UI Design for the Human Eye (Layout Patterns & Typography)

web ui design for the human eye

Should you use Lorem Ipsum, or real content in your designs? What are some effective patterns for laying your site for users? And how can you create a visual language through typography? The free e-book by UXPin answers these types of questions regarding emphasizing content in your web UI design.

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