Every week we collect some of the best web and digital design resources that will be useful for designers. Check out any of the links below and leave any comments about your favourites in the replies.



Font: Aquatico


Designed by Andrew Herndon. Download font.


Font: Foxhole

foxhole font

Designed and released by Ian Barnard. Download font.


Icons: Flat Superheroes & Villains (100 Icons, PNG & SVG)

superhero icons

Download icons.


Icons: 200 Flat Icons

flat icons

Download icons.


Mockups: 4 Apple Devices

apple device mockups

Free PSD released by Rubayath. Download mockups.


Mockup: iMac 5K Retina

imac retina mockup

Free PSD released by Mats-Peter Forss. Download iMac mockup.


UI Kit: Ecommerce UI Kit

ecommerce UI kit

Free PSD designed and released by Thomas Budiman. Download UI Kit.


Admin Dashboard Interface

admin dashboard

Created and released by Sergiu Firez. Download interface.



Redesigning the Apple Watch UI

proposed apple watch interface

After wearing my Apple watch daily for the past two+ months, I’ve found myself wishing for a simpler interaction model for moving between content and apps. Here’s what I’d propose and why.

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Smartwatch UX Design – The Top Considerations

smartwatch ux design

One of the most noticeable implementations of the Internet of Things is the smartwatch. We are actually past the dawn of the smartwatch and have entered a period of refinement.

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50 Awesome App Websites for Inspiration

app website

Designing a great website for your app can help you gain more users and publicity.

Check out these well-designed app websites for ideas and inspiration.



Wake Up Your Clients’ Taste Buds with Opposing Combinations

colour combinations

One of the hallmarks of a top chef is his or her ability to do interesting takes on food combinations that, at first glance, seem like they wouldn’t go together at all. The first person, for example, to pair peas and wasabi together was a culinary genius. Think about it.

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Custom Grid Design for Structured Website Mockups

grid layout

The best print and digital designers are those who can master the use of grids. In many cases it’s possible to forego the grid, but you’ll generally create higher-quality work if you learn the rules of grid structure and composition. –

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