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50 Unique Landscape Photos

landscape photos

Stock images can be an expensive acquisition, so it’s always appreciated when a professional stock photographer makes their work available for free. This awesome collection of unique, professional-grade photographs, has kindly been made available by DreamyPixel. Download.


48 Great Handwriting Fonts

handwriting font

If you need a handwriting font for your project, look no further. When we talk about handwriting fonts, we’re not just referring to one style of typography; they can come in a number of various executions. Download.


24 Headline Fonts to Transform Your Web Designs

headline font

Transform your web designs with the quality headline fonts guaranteed to grab attention the moment users see them. Download.


Musical Instrument Icon Set (PNG & SVG)

musical instruments

Bring the music to your design projects with this free, amazing icon set from Iconshock! The set includes 30 carefully crafted icons designed in a cool flat-style and features many of the most popular musical instruments, including the guitar, drums, piano, trumpet, saxophone, and many more. Download.


UI Kits To Use For Creating Projects Faster

UI kit resource

Designers love UI kits, due the fact that they allow them to express their creativity, and simplify even the most complex projects they are working on. Download.



Guacamole 3-in-1 UI Kit

guacamole UI kit

Whether you feel like designing an eye-catching look book in Photoshop, a spicy app in Sketch, or a sweet sweet interaction in Xd, Guacamole goes well with anything. Download.



5 Simple UX Exercises That Will Change How Decision Makers Think

simple UX exercises

We’ve compiled a list of UX exercises that go from start to finish in the UX design cycle–stuff you can try on your own time without a master’s degree in interaction design or expert intervention.

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Google’s AMP project expands beyond news

google logo

Six months after launching AMP for news stories in its mobile search results, Google today announced the next step for the project: moving AMP beyond news and bringing it to other mobile sites, too.

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Apple’s new emojis are a diverse delight

Apple Emoji

More than a hundred new and updated emojis make up the set, with Apple putting a big emphasis on diversity. Complete with emojis that expand their gender options, this looks to be the most inclusive update yet.

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Making a case for letter case

letter case

Can you spot the differences with the messages above? The left side has a few more capital letters than the right side. Big O, little o. Who cares, right? Well, if you write for an app or website, you should care. A little thing like capitalization can actually be a big deal.

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Everything You Know About App Design is Wrong

facebook messenger

If you work in Silicon Valley, you’ve heard this prevailing wisdom ad nauseum: The best mobile apps do just one thing well. But that little piece of wisdom is the motivational poster equivalent of app design. It sounds good. It’s easy to repeat. But it’s not entirely true.

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11 Sites to Help You Find Material Design Inspiration

material design

Here’s a list of sites that will give you a near-endless supply of material design examples that you can draw inspiration from.

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The typography of ‘Stranger Things’

stranger things title card

The Stranger Things title sequence is pure, unadulterated typographic porn. With television shows opting for more elaborate title sequences (think GOT and True Detective), the opening of Stranger Things is refreshingly simple. It trims the fat and shows only what is necessary to set the mood. More importantly, it proves a lesson I’ve learned time and time again as a designer: You can do a lot with type.

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