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Futuristic Space and Astronomy Flat Line Icon Set

space icons

The Space and Astronomy Flat Line Icon Set consists of 37 stunningly designed icons, available in PNGs, SVGs, EPS and AI format. Download.


Somatic Rounded: A font ideal for logotypes

somatic font

Somatic Rounded is a free font created as a skeleton for simple, honest and relatable logotypes by Lauren Lee, a talented Designer and Illustrator based in New York. Download.


Kadisoka: A calligraphy font for beautiful typography


Kadisoka Script is an handwriting font ideal for logotypes and headlines including hundred of features like ligatures, stylistic alternate, and lots of stylistic sets. Download.


Wonep: Sketch UI kit for calling apps

wonep calling UI kit

Wonep is a free UI kit made of 30+ unique mobile Sketch screens that you can use to kickstart a calling app. It also includes an additional Principle file with animations to clarify the user experience through the mobile app. Designed and released by Alexey Matyushkin. Download.



What is an Interaction Designer?

mobile animations

These two little words are being used a lot in the design sphere these days. But what truly is interaction design? And what makes you an interaction designer? Here, we’ll answer both of those questions and offer a showcase of some great interaction design work.

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Designing Focused Interfaces for Better User Engagement

uber for business

User engagement is a tricky metric that can be achieved in different ways for different projects. Most designers think of the interface when they talk about interactivity, but page content can also encourage user interaction.

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4 Steps To Get You Started With Front-End Development

front end development

Perhaps the most complimentary skillset to UX design is that of front-end development. If you are just entering the rewarding world of front-end development, you are in luck. You have made your choice to learn at a time when things could not be any more exciting.

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14 Online Resources That Any Developer or Designer Should Use


We have gathered together 14 online platforms that will boost your work in the tech industry. These resources will for sure turn out to be really valuable for you, whether you are passionate about design; coding or you just need more help for your projects.

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Leveraging the Power of Sushi to Improve Your Designs


For many Japanese people, eating a little raw fish with rice is a complete meal. The story you tell with your work need not be complicated or overly dramatic. The more you simplify your process, the easier it will become, and the more work you’ll be able to accomplish.

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How Front-End Development Can Improve Artificial Intelligence

AI front end

This post addresses three ways in which front-end development can improve AI technology: by improving the collection of annotated data, communicating the capabilities of the technology to key stakeholders, and exploring the system’s behaviours and errors.

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Microsoft Emojis

Microsoft Emojis

In anticipation of the release of Windows 10, the Microsoft Design Language Team brought us on to help set the tone of their full emoji keyboard update. Our task was to design a friendly, expressive and bright new family of emojis to replace their existing set.

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UI Interactions of the Week, via Muzli

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The Beauty of Ultra-Minimal Web Design

ultra minimal website

One timeless web design trend that has been around for quite a while and has imprinted its style onto many other popular trends is minimalism. But in more recent times we’ve seen the minimalist style evolve into a more extreme variant, something web designers are now calling ‘ultra-minimalism.’

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25 Inspirational Examples of UI Style Guides

style guide

Check out this fantastic selection of UI style guides.