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Font: Speck Display

speck font

Speck Display is a thin style font that you can use for magazines,attractive headlines etc. Download


Font: Wild Youth


Wild Youth is another beautiful hand drawn brush script font from Jeremy Vessey. Wild Youth is a modern font with the distinct influence of adventure and the great outdoors. Download.


20 Awesome Chalkboard Fonts

chalkboard font

If you are into experimenting with new typefaces in your graphic design projects, then you’ll surely like this list of 20 awesome and free chalkboard fonts. Download.


Tiny Hands – The Font inspired by Donald Trump’s Handwriting

trump font

The font is aptly named Tiny Hands, presumably chosen thanks in part to a Spy magazine article that called Donald Trump a “short-fingered vulgarian” back in the 1980s. Download.


iOS 10 GUI: 100+ screens for Sketch with adaptive UI

iOS 10 GUI

A free Sketch template released by Tushar Merwanji that includes more than 100 screens from iOS GUI. It also comes with a fully responsive iOS 10 Craft library for Sketch. Download.


Virtual Reality Icons

virtual reality icons

We are very happy to share a fresh freebie with you today! This icon set’s topic is all about Virtual Reality and the technology behind it. Every icon was carefully designed with a playful hand-drawn style, coming in several different formats. Download.


6 HTML themes by KeenThemes

HTML template

Looking for a fast way to get a site online? Love tweaking designs, but hate setting up the basics? Maybe you just want to learn how neat code is put together? Whatever your reason for downloading, we’re confident you’ll love this free bundle of 6 HTML themes by KeenThemes. Download.




Why are so many companies changing their logos to flat designs?

flat icon design

Fashion, utility, and the evolution of the UI are definitely part of the story. I believe also that the human brain interprets simple forms differently than complex ones. It accesses them in a way that is more universal, more accessible, and open to interpretation than other forms.

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7 Web Design Trends to Stay Beyond 2016

app design

Every year, various new web design trends appear. The year 2016 hasn’t been an exception. While many of the ways web design is executed now has evolved over the last few years, several new trends have also emerged. These trends have shaped the web design world during the course of the year 2016.

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A Design Workflow Comparison: Photoshop vs Illustrator vs Sketch

design software

The ever-expanding world of design can be tough to comprehend as a newcomer. With so many tools and techniques available it’s hard to know where to start. Three of the most widely used design programs are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and the newer Sketch by Bohemian Coding.

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How to Use Atomic Design to Improve A/B Testing

atomic design

Contrary to popular belief, A/B testing was not invented for design or marketing. “A/B test” is just a colloquial way of saying “controlled experiment”, and those have been around for centuries. You may be thinking, what does that have to do with my ability to conduct one?

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10 Great Sites for UI Design Patterns


You don’t want to spend your whole life redesigning the wheel do you? No, neither do we. If you are looking for a design that solves a problem that has been solved inside a different application before; then the template for your wheel is probably already out there. That’s a design pattern to you and me.

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Survey Web Platform Design



Record screen





Double Menu