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Web Design Christmas/New Year Freebies: Work in the Glitter

christmas icons

This is a solid pack of web design Christmas/New Year freebies from Template Monster. Check them out.


20 Christmas Icon Sets

Christmas themed icons

Here is an excellent bundle of Christmas icon sets that are ready to be downloaded and used in your designs. Check them out.


Font: Priscilla

priscilla font

Priscilla is a free modern script font designed by IanMikraz Studio which combines classic, beauty and elegant touch. The typeface includes 282 glyphs, 109 alternate characters and opentype features (Swash Alternates, Stylistic Alternates, Standard Ligature and more). Download.


Font: Road

road font

Road is a bold and decorative font inspired by the streets. The font is suitable for headlines, posters and also for decorative effects. Download.


Font: Quezon

Quezon font

Quezon is a humanist typeface inspired by a mixture of art deco, the ancient Filipino script “Baybayin”, and the old buildings of Metro Manila still standing today. This is meant for headlines, subcopy or short paragraphs and it currently comes with a few symbols and limited glyphs with accents. Download.


Font: Rude

rude font

Rude is a minimalist font. It’s perfect for titles and logos. Download.




The Importance of Consistency in Interaction Models

iOS Widgets

Kinesthetic memory—remembering with our body—is a powerful factor in learning to use a software user interface. We learn by doing—through repetitive actions. Because of the power of kinesthetic learning, once users learn the position of an affordance on a screen, they reach for it without even looking.

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6 Principles Of Visual Accessibility Design

accessibility design

As we design experiences, we ought to remember that the internet is a part of everybody‘s lives, including those who are visually impaired or blind.

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A Primer on the Essential Elements of Successful UX

user experience

UX design acts as the backbone of a designing experience. Much like an engine under a vehicle’s hood, the UX ensures that a digital experience is smooth, intuitive, and simple. You can’t always see it, but you’ll feel the difference when using an interface with optimized UX.

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Agile Development Is No Excuse for Shoddy UX Research

agile research

There’s really no need to do big, up-front UX research; no need to wait for the research results; and no need to take shortcuts in doing research either. But you must consistently add UX research and any actionable items resulting from it to the backlog, prioritize the research, and undertake research work like any other work that occurs during sprints.

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6 Common Design Flaws That Could Destroy Your Site

bounce rate

This article from DesignBeep highlights some of the many web design mistakes that we continue to see today. Any of these can push visitors to bounce out of your site just as quickly as they arrive.

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