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Font : Kodex

Kodex font

This font is the combination of between old and new, tradition and contemporary styles. Download.

Responsive and Clean WordPress Theme

ecobox responsive template

Ecobox is a unique, clean and responsive template. It is designed with fresh and natural color scheme to represent ecofriendly feel of your business.

Ecobox comes with Revolution slider, 6 homepage layouts, 2,3,4 columns portfolio layouts, 5 blog pages, contacts pages and more. The theme is 100% Responsive, Built on Bootstrap and Retina Ready.


St. Patrick’s Day Web Design Freebies

st patricks day icons

Even if you are not Irish, you can still celebrate St. Patrick. Check out this collection of St. Patrick’s Day themed web design assets. Check them out.



How to Bring Your Site to Life with Animations Today

Find out how you can use animation on your site to improve your content, where you might have opportunity to use animation, the pros and cons of animations on your overall site experience, and some resources you can use to get animations up and running fast.

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How to Use Tooltips as Microinteractions


Tooltips are potentially the best and most efficient approach to onboarding new users to any given app, software, program or user interface.

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The UX Mistakes That Cost Companies Millions

icon redesign

Sometimes, bad UX decisions can have huge consequences. To prove it, here are five UX mistakes which have cost companies (and taxpayers) millions, and in the worst cases, ended in an entirely preventable loss of life.

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Designing Conversational Chatbot User Interfaces


No one enjoys talking to a poor conversationalist. Similarly, no one wants to respond to a chatbot that can’t carry on a proper conversation. Designing apt conversational responses requires intention. A designer must figure out the right linguistic patterns, tone, and interactions.

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Improving User Satisfaction Through Design

Some aspects of creating a quality user experience are obvious. For example, if users can’t figure out how to use your site, chances are high they’ll abandon your offering and look elsewhere. Likewise, the best product teams employ fleshed-out user personas to help them address each user’s specific needs.

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UX Thoughts on Using Video as a Background

video background

Using videos as background – a design trend that emerged a couple of years ago – continues to be the subject of much debate among designers.

On the one hand, it grabs the attention of online users who have very limited attention to begin with; able to run in the background without being intrusive; and gives site visitors more impetus to engage.

On the other hand, naysayers say this technique sacrifices usability in the name of aesthetic appeal. It is reminiscent of the time when GIFs and flash flooded homepages – a trend that would only look over-the-top and tacky in today’s standards.

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How to design the perfect infographic


The chasm between an infographic and a quality, successful infographic is a deep one indeed. It you truly want to design the perfect Infographic that will capture the attention of your target audience, you’ll need to keep a few key things in mind.

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Improve Your Conversions By Using The Psychology of Color (Infographic)

Color is a big deal when it comes to web design, but it’s not just about looking good. A seemingly inconsequential variation in shade can have a significant impact on conversion rates. That’s because colors have a proven and measurable impact on our attitudes and emotions.

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Psychology of Colour on Web Design Infographic