Every week we collect some of the best web and digital design resources that will be useful for designers. Check out any of the links below and leave any comments about your favourites in the replies.



A New Collection Of Free Icons For Designers (PSD, AI, EPS, SVG)

free icons

Here’s a collection of new icon sets you can use on your next design projects. Check them out.


Android Nougat free UI kit for Sketch

material design UI kit

The designer team at Great Simple Studio has just released a free Android Nougat UI kit for Sketch that you can use for fast prototyping. The freebies comes with a lot of components, ready-made screens and keyboard modules. Download.


A Huge Free Dashboard UI Elements (Photoshop – Sketch)

dashboard ui kit

This is a great freebie for designers. Jan Losert comes with a sweet freebie product for all Sketch and Photoshop users. This UI contains full of ready made Inputs, Buttons, Selects, Dropdowns, Notifications, Tables and many many more elements. Download.


Peenu: A free hand knitted typeface


Peenu is a free – uppercase-only – typeface designed and released by Nitish Kumar, a young UI and graphic designer based in India. Peenu inspired by Sharp Paper Cuts, that makes it ideal for headlines and graphic design (i.e. posters, flyers, movie titles, etc.). Download.


The Art of Calligraphy – 40 Free Fonts for Creative Writing

40 free calligraphy fonts

The oriental aphorism says that the human beauty lies is the beauty of their writing. In our creative tasks we express ourselves; looking at the world we share our positive experience. Download.


10 Free Plugins for Adding Animation Effects to WordPress

special hover effects

Special effects such as smooth scrolling, page transitions or CSS animations can add some welcome personality to your WordPress website. Use them to call attention to important information, enhance UX and take your designs up a notch. Adding CSS3 animations to your site is easy with Animate It!. Check them out.




How To Perfect Your Mobile App’s Login Screen

facebook login

The sign-up screen on mobile applications – we love it, we hate it, and we definitely love to hate it. If done right, it can be the trigger to a massive user retention. If done poorly it can have the exact opposite effect.

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Your Guide to Designing Websites That Connect with the Millennial Crowd


Millennials grew up in a world shaped by rapid technological advancements. The younger millennials do not even have memories of a world that is not easily connected to the internet by way of smartphones and tablets. For a designer to connect with the millennial crowd, there are rules you need to keep in mind:

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How do you know when a design fails a usability test?


What does the test participant need to do or say for you to feel confident that the design has succeeded? Do they need to track three hours of time for a particular project? Generate an invoice to a client based on that tracked time? Send the invoice? That’s your test criteria.

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Sticky Design Consistency Isn’t as Awful as It Sounds

sticky design

People trust the familiar. Knowing that, many designers strive to keep their work as simple as possible. It’s also practical: once you design, say, a navigation bar, then duplicating it to every page or view is easy. But standards change over time.

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Dysfunctional Relationships in Web Design

dysfunctional relationships in web design

As reality TV has (repeatedly) shown us, any relationship can slip into dysfunction. Unfortunately that includes the relationships you’ll have with your design clients. Even if things started out well enough, there are a number of factors that can lead to eventual heartbreak.

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30 Absolutely Stunning Movie Posters

the thing movie poster

Movie posters give graphic designers a very large canvas to work on, which has resulted in some truly stunning and memorable work. Check them out.


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