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Font : Zwizz


Zwizz Typeface is a Radnika-derived sans serif with horizontal and vertical termination cuts similar to Helvetica. The glyphs compact design makes it great for tight typographic compositions. Download.


7 Free Professional Fonts For Your Font Library

professional free font

Check out this collection of 7 free professional fonts for your library. Check them out.


Landing Zero: Free Bootstrap Theme for Your Website

Landing Zero wordpress theme

Landing Zero is a free landing page Bootstrap theme that is visually appealing and easy to use. With this clean and elegant theme you can either build landing pages, online portfolios or stunning one page websites. Download.


Font : Uni Neue (Light – Heavy Italic)

uni neue font

Uni Neue is а modern sans serif with a distinctive character and geometric feel. The rounded corners give the typeface a friendly look, yet it retains a professional quality suitable for branding even the most serious corporate identities. Download.


20 Free Chart and Graph Templates

infographic elements

If you need to create some charts and graphs for your next infographic, admin dashboard, or any other kind of graphic design project, these free chart and graph templates will help you do just that! You can use these to present data and reports in an interactive way. Download.


20 Beautiful Retro Patterns You Can Download for Free

retro patterns

Whether you want to design a vintage website, an app with a retro style or basically anything inspired by the past, these 20 beautiful retro patterns will surely be useful to you! Download.



Is Adobe Plotting the End of Web Designers?


Adobe is now dabbling in a hush-hush project that seeks to automate many of the tasks that designers regularly do as part of their jobs.

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A Conversational Interface In A Contact Form … Why?

slackbot conversation

As time goes by, everyone is trying to make their web experience as meaningful, compelling, and human as possible. Conversational interfaces allow the user to transcend the traditional UI by talking to the system in much the same way as they would with a real person, giving it a human touch.

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7 Secrets for Designing Great Forms

Almost every website design includes some type of form. From simple email address collection to sign up for a newsletter or notification to full payment collection forms, it is imperative that you design a form that’s easy to use and understand. The standards of form design are evolving as well.

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7 Design Myths That Will Wreck Your Site

design myths

For a long time, people believed the homepage was the most important page. Way back when, it may have been the case when the homepage served as the main directory in getting around to the rest of the pages. It’s no longer the case.

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People Will Forge Their Own User Flows — and Design Should Follow Suit

design flows

Users’ interactions with your digital products can travel down bumpy roads. People may encounter obstacles to finding the information they want, sometimes driving them to your competition. Design can help. Solid user flows are the key.

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Linkedin search concept


Reactions Drag and Drop