Every week we collect some of the best web and digital design resources that will be useful for designers. This week features fonts, Photoshop templates, backgrounds and textures, and some mobile inspiration from Apple and Google.

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Brisk Pro Font

Brisk Pro Font

Brisk Pro is a free sans serif font ideal for headlines and logotypes characterised by geometric shapes and rounded edges. The font comes in OTF format and provides only uppercase letters, numbers and a bunch of special characters.

⇢ Link: Brisk Pro Font



Agata Bielen: Free PSD magazine template

agate bielen

Agata Bielen is a fashion magazine template designed by Adrián Somoza. It is a PSD file made of 3 screens based on a Golden Ratio grid so that result is a balanced and harmonic composition.

⇢ Link: Agata Bielen PSD magazine template 



Wavehaus Sans: A free typeface in 6 weights

wavehaus font

Wavehaus Sans is a free geometric font family designed by Graham Paterson, Senior Designer based in Cape Town. The typeface comes in 6 weights (Thin, Light, Book, Semibold, Bold and Extra Bold) and includes uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers and the most common symbols.

⇢ Link: Wavehaus Sans Font



Dairy: A Sketch UI kit for minimal apps

dairy UI kit

Dairy is a new Sketch UI kit designed by wenjun that you can use for inspiration when you need to get started with a minimal and clean photography app concept. The kit is made of 12 sample screens including many useful components such as sign up forms, chat messages, photo galleries, etc.

⇢ Link: Dairy Sketch UI kit 



20+ Free Slider PSDs with Sleek Designs


Using free resources is something most designers do because it saves them a lot of precious time that can be better used on other creative tasks in their projects.

⇢ Link: 20+ Free Slider PSDs with Sleek Designs 



450+ Free Minimalist Subtle Patterns

background texture

White backgrounds are frequently used for clean, minimalist website designs, but sometimes a little bit of grey or subtle color looks better! That’s when subtle patterns come in handy!

⇢ Link: 450+ Free Minimalist Subtle Patterns 



coolHue: A collection of ready to be used CSS color gradients


Today we are pleased to share with you coolHue, a new fancy collection of  background gradients ready to be imported in a CSS file. You can both export the linear-gradient or the base64 SVG data to be applied on a CSS background-image property. Crafted by UVdesk App.

⇢ Link: coolHue: A collection of ready to be used CSS color gradients 



Free Background Pictures for WordPress Websites That Will Captivate Your Audience

background images

Background images are also called hero images, but that does not mean that you should choose only people to face close-ups for your website background. You may use beautiful landscapes or urban scenes as background themes. The main point here is that your background photo should be associated with your company or blog. It also should be aesthetically pleasing.

⇢ Link: Free Background Pictures




If You’re Creating a Design System, Read These 6 Books

design book

Design systems are complicated beasts. They require a change in the way we think about design, the way we structure our teams and run our processes. Design systems are the language of software development, after all.

⇢ Link: If You’re Creating a Design System, Read These 6 Books 



Eight Microinteractions for a Better User Experience

As your users spend time on your website, they are constantly interacting with its features – and some of those small interactions matter more than you might think. Each small movement has an impact on their overall experience.

⇢ Link: Eight Microinteractions for a Better User Experience 



The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Flat Design

flat design

Bright colors, bold typography, and minimalism are trending web designs that are not going anywhere anytime soon.

⇢ Link: The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Flat Design 





6 Subtle UI Changes in iOS 11

iOS 11 UI Changes

Image via ios.gadgethacks.com

With the unveiling of iOS 11, Apple continues to iterate on the existing user interface and push the envelope in terms of what can be achieved within a mobile operating system.

⇢ Link: 6 Subtle UI Changes in iOS 11 



Google Redesigns its Mobile Search

google feed

Google’s minimal search page has consistently been heralded as a minimalist masterpiece since it first appeared in 1996. So it’s something of a surprise to learn that Google is abandoning this minimalist approach in its mobile apps in favor of a social media-style newsfeed.

⇢ Link: Google Redesigns its Mobile Search 



Health app

⇢ Link: Health app 



Loading news

⇢ Link: Loading news 



Instagram Pull To Refresh

⇢ Link: Instagram Pull To Refresh 



Fantastic Collection of Beautiful Magazine Covers for Inspiration

magazine covers

This post features 29 amazing and beautiful magazine covers. They all have something to bring to the table, from great typography to interesting use of contact or space. 

⇢ Link: Fantastic Collection of Beautiful Magazine Covers for Inspiration 



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