Responsive Web Design in PhotoShop

Responsive web design is more than just a way to optimize your site for mobile devices  –  it's also a way to think about designing for the digital landscape in general. If you have yet to venture into creating a responsive design using PhotoShop, this video will get you started with what you should be doing.   ...

Your Name in Gum

It might not be the most appetizing design, but Your Name in Gum keeps content as its main focus, and everything else minimalistic. When you arrive on the site, you select your type of gum, then from there you can type out your name. The result is something like a custom font with your name in chewed up gum. See it for yourself at  ...

Squarespace and Mouse-Tracking Animation

Squarespace’s website not only features animations on a computer screen that demonstrate the platform’s benefits, but the background of the site appears to shift in its perspective based on the movement of your mouse. This variation of a parallax effect is a prominent design feature of iOS 7 and is now beginning to make its way into web design, as well. See the site for yourself at ...

Financial Times – HTML5 Web App

The Financial Times recently debuted a beta version of their new website, which gives reading the news on the web a modern, app-like look and feel, intermingled with elements reminiscent of printed newspapers. The site is full of interactive elements, videos and animations that make the experience of reading articles on the site similar to what you’d expect from an iPad. Check out the new site at

Great Examples of Responsive Design

Over the past few years, responsive design has been one of the most popular options when optimizing a website for viewing on mobile and tablet devices. The following are some great examples of responsive websites.  

Unique Content Presentations

What appeals to me is content – the quality, the ease of access via multiple platforms, and intuitive and simple UI. Feedly – Essentially a cooler version of the now-defunct Google Reader; a content aggregator.   Songza – Offers curated playlists to you depending on your mood, the time of day, or by genre.   It’s also fashion week in NY right now. One of the sites that I find really well done and quite different yet stark, simple...

Android KitKat’s Accessibility Settings

One of the new features on Android's KitKat software update is its focus on accessibility. This is particularly interesting given this year’s focus on accessibility compliance, such as the AODA standards. From Android’s feature description: Android 4.4 now supports a better accessibility experience across apps by adding system-wide preferences for Closed Captioning. Users can go to Settings > Accessibility > Captions to set global captioning preferences, such as whether to...

Facebook Paper

Facebook’s latest app, Paper, is meant to change the way that people consume content that is both shared by their friends, as well as published by media sources. The new app utilizes new methods of flipping through content and ways to view images by tilting your smartphone. Check out the introductory video below: And you can also view animated GIFs of some of Facebook Paper's coolest design elements....

Create Textures & Patterns for Web Design

This video will help any designer master the art of creating textures and patterns for web design using PhotoShop.

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